SAM Takes on International Project in El Salvador

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Surplus Asset Management, the leading, premier auction, liquidation, and reverse logistics company headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, has just touched new ground in El Salvador. SAM has uncovered several strategic initiatives to expand their business to international locations with existing business Mexico and Canada. Surplus Asset Management has recently helped launch, create, and equipment stock, soon to be one of the first grocery stores in El Salvador.

Todd Utpadel, of Surplus Asset Management, has dedicated his time, knowledge, and resources in taking the reins on this project. Utpadel explains, “it hasn’t been an easy project, but one that is worth it,” further stating, “we want the world to know that SAM is a company that’s flexible, adaptable, and will go the extra mile in getting the job done.”

Utpadel and SAM CEO, John Lines, have been working raptly together with the heads of the new grocery store, to map out a store layout, configure a budget, stock the store entirely of SAM equipment, and establishing sustainable resources for the store including electric and water systems.

In the process of the project, SAM was responsible for managing free trade customs, equipment shipping, licensing, and abiding by international customs. Although a challenging process, SAM prides itself in ensuring the job will get done efficiently while satisfying the client’s wishes. The grocery store is set to open in early December.

Surplus Asset Management has touched new ground for both the company itself, and for potential clients across the world. A grocery store is a positive milestone for El Salvador’s economy and community. The new store will be committed to buying locally grown produce and sourced food, and will use sustainable practices. SAM is fully dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint and manages to do so by repurposing and minimizing waste.

A reputation built on trust, SAM is aware expanding to new territory comes with un-chartered risks. The El Salvador project being such a success, Lines and Utpadel hope to complete similar international projects in the future.

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